It’s good to be 20: Ozzie Albies, Rafael Devers show youngsters have power

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Normally, a game this season between the Dodgers and the lowly Mets is not one to watch, but considering this is Yu Darvish’s debut for the Dodgers and the Mets are trotting out one of the best pitchers in the game in Jacob deGrom, this is one that Yu won’t want to miss.

Analysis: Man, Darvish’s no-trade clause really throws a wrench in things.
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Among the clubs blocked, three make lots of sense for Darvish: the Indians, the Cubs and the Red Sox.

Though David Price hit the disabled list Friday with a re-emergence of elbow issues, Heyman reported there’s no evidence that Boston will be exploring trade options.

With Kershaw down for the next month or so, the Dodgers make the most sense for Darvish. They have the prospects to get it done, and if they really want to solidify a shot at the World Series even after Kershaw gets back, a Kershaw/Darvish/Wood one-through-three makes a lot of sense even if Darvish got shelled for 10 runs his last time out.

Peacock has kept hits down and the numbers look real. When a pitcher has a low batting average on balls in play (BABIP), it means he’s getting lucky. Peacock’s BABIP is right on line with the league average so the results are backed up by the advanced stats. Add that to his strikeout numbers and his success is hard to ignore.

This all comes after he missed most of 2015 with hip and back injuries and pitched in Triple-A almost all of 2016 after being one of the team’s promising young starters the previous two years.

A lot of ups and downs, a lot of learning, he said. I got hurt, my back, I had surgery and I expected to be in Triple-A last year for a good bit until I could prove I was healthy and they gave me a chance at the end of the year and I did pretty well and I’m glad I got another chance this year.