Su’a Cravens pushes back against perception that he’s a quitter

Broncos defensive back Su’a Cravens admits that he told teammates last year that he was retiring from football, but Cravens insists he’s not a quitter.

Cravens, traded to Denver from Washington this week, explained to Mike Klis of that the lingering effects of a concussion influenced his actions and decisions during the 2017 season.

“I was going through some personal issues with my family and I didn’t feel like myself,’’ Cravens told Klis. “I did tell my teammates I was going to retire but I never officially retired.”

Most importantly for Cravens, he insists he’ll be playing football in 2018 — despite the perception that he quit on Washington and a rumor that he quit while at USC.

“People have their own truths and can make their own decisions,’’ Cravens said. “There is a narrative that people have that I quit, I quit on my team, that I don’t love football – that is completely forged and wrong.

The top priority will be defensive tackle Aaron Donald, who is heading into the final season of his contract. He’ll want a new deal that makes him the highest-paid defensive player in the NFL, and he’s certain to have a big cap hit in 2019.

Cooks is also going into the final year of his contract. You don’t trade a first-round draft pick for a player just to let him walk away after one year, so the Rams will surely work on getting Cooks done, with a pricey deal that will chip away at that 2019 cap space.

Suh is on a one-year deal. With all the Rams’ cap space, perhaps they can afford to sign him to another deal next year, but that cap space will dry up once they start getting deals done with Donald, Cooks and other players. There’s a good chance Suh will head elsewhere in a year.

Talib still has two more years on his contract, but he’s 32 years old and may no longer be worth his $11 million base salary. There’s a reason the Broncos made it known they were looking to trade Talib and could only get a fifth-round draft pick for him in return: He’s old and expensive. He’s a player you acquire to win now, but not a player you build around.buccaneers_023

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