NFL tables Josh McDaniels-inspired rule proposal for coaching hires indefinitely

The NFL Competition Committee indefinitely tabled voting for a proposed rule change that would allow coaches on active teams to be hired by other clubs, committee chairman Rich McKay announced Tuesday, according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport. A month ago, reports emerged that the league was likely to change its hiring rules after New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels backed out of his agreement to become the new head coach of the Indianapolis Colts. Despite agreeing on a deal, the Colts had to wait until after the Super Bowl to officially hire McDaniels, leaving them with significantly fewer candidates to choose from after he revealed his change of heart. The Josh McDaniels rule – as it’s been labeled by some – was thought to have enough steam to get passed, either at the ongoing annual league meetings or at the spring league meetings in May.

Brian McCann: Just the grind of the whole month. Two Game 7’s. That must-win Game 6 against the Yankees. All that stuff. And then enjoying it with the family. Everybody had the families with them the whole time, and they were flying on the plane and everyone was taking pictures.

The whole thing was incredible. You just keep going, and once you stop and settle down, all the aches and pains come. Going through it was just incredible.

The Bolts have been quiet this offseason, but the free-agent market didn’t offer them a chance to bring in a player with a resume or Q Score like Beckham’s. If they see him as the potential new face of the franchise, they could give chase—especially if their L.A. counterparts might be interested.

But there’s also a strong case against Ruth being a truly elite hitter.

Babe might have once been an extraordinary hitter, as an amateur and as a rookie in 1915, but his numbers nosedived in 1916 and weren’t quite out of this world (just two homers) in 1917. Hitting at a high level requires extraordinary cognitive training, and Ruth has basically sacrificed five years of that crucial development time by being a full-time pitcher. patriots_081

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