Uffsides NFL Week 12 preview: Colts vs. Cardinals

The Colts have won big games against tough opponents — but have also struggled against lesser opponents. Which Indianapolis team will show up in Arizona against a Cardinals team that’s challenging for a playoff spot? Matt Ufford and the Uffsides crew preview Week 12’s games and make their picks.

Detroit Lions – Ifo Ekpre-Olomu, Cornerback, Oregon: The Detroit Lions have the third-worst passing defense in the entire NFL in terms of yards per game, so something has to change. Detroit lacks talent at cornerback, and luckily one of the top players at the position is still available late in the first round.

This play was my “aha” moment when it came to trying to put my finger on why Richardson wasn’t having nearly the success Donald Brown was running the ball. On this play a defensive lineman will eventually show up in Richardson’s path. The defensive lineman is on the ground, however, and not really in a position to make a play on him. The truth is Richardson should have been running so hard through the hole that he might not even have noticed that defensive lineman in his way. If he did, all he would have had to do is widen his track just a bit but keep going straight downhill.

Instead of Richardson staying tight to his fullback and exploding off the edge of his block outside, he hesitates at the sight of the defensive lineman in his path. Once again, he is trying to be too patient and make the perfect cut when the perfect cut in this case is to blow right through the hole like the tank that he is and dare someone to try to tackle him.

As a contrast, here are the kind of paths that Donald Brown took in the same game.

it took NFL players several months to implement “Gangnam Style” into celebratory dances

Limited Nick Markakis Jersey Last year, it took NFL players several months to implement “Gangnam Style” into celebratory dances. And while the original Terio video that went viral was posted in late July, it was hardly the omnipresent cultural sensation of PSY’s infectious hit. So props to NFL players for being more dialed in to Internet culture this year, and especially to Justin Tucker, the rare kicker with enough attitude to celebrate with a dance move.

This is the official story. It is an answer, of sorts, but it is not the only answer. It is, the more we look, just an invitation to ask new questions still unanswered. A door that opens onto a dark room, with doors of its own.

Let’s start with that destination unreached, the Sonic on 2707 NW Vivion Road. We know what we know about Sonic, which is what television shows us: the suspicious ice-chipped drinks, the tot-style taters, the two dudes in the car being weird about their fried cheesecake bites. And we know, about the Sonic on 2707 NW Vivion Road, that something is not as it should be.
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And then there is that marijuana, all containers of which were labeled Medical Cannabis from California. Bowe admitted to the arresting officer that he had “smoked a little marijuana” while waiting at the airport, which is important as far as it goes, but also seems a bright and shining red herring 鈥?a distraction from the hazy strangeness that fills the rest of this story.

Then there are those “hand-rolled cigarettes,” each nearly four times the proscribed ideal size for a joint. The story asks us to believe that Bowe 鈥?an admitted user of marijuana 鈥?chose to roll marijuana cigarettes that looked more like fungo bats than blunts. There are those strains of marijuana themselves, all of which carry putative pain relief powers in their descriptions.

Nick Fairley celebrates 2-point conversion stop

Game Klay Thompson Jersey Nick Fairley stuffed Matt Forte on the Chicago Bears’ two-point conversion attempt to tie Sunday’s game against the Detroit Lions, effectively giving the Lions a 21-19 win. Fairley was excited by this bit of good fortune, and celebrated like a big man in ecstasy should: by wobbling his way down the field.

With the Green Bay Packers falling 27-13 to the Philadelphia Eagles, the Lions took over sole possession of first place in the NFC North with the win. I’d say that’s a “Fairley” good reason to celebrate.

A desperate Bears team gave them all they wanted, but the Lions prevailed and now own a position in their division that should make everyone but the Patriots and Colts jealous. Detroit’s ability to scheme throws for Calvin Johnson in the face of massive defensive attention stands in stark contrast to the Cowboys’ bunglings with Dez Bryant. The Lions’ front is rounding into form against the run and capable of terrorizing passers despite so-so sack numbers. The secondary can be had, but when Stafford-to-Johnson is clicking, the Lions can always fire back.
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The Bears fired every bullet in their gun on Sunday, and were an overturned Alshon Jeffery TD away from edging the Lions. They now find themselves needing to rally after a gut-wrenching loss, and operating without Jay Cutler and the inimitable Peanut Tillman at cornerback. The Bears can’t survive if the run game goes A.W.O.L. as it did against Detroit, and a battered defense might not have much more left in the tank.

Predators forward breaks jumbotron with errant pass

Viktor Arvidsson has one hell of a shot. The Predators know this, clearly, as the 23-year-old has 53 points in 70 games for Nashville in just his third NHL season.

We’ve had crowds that not only were record-number crowds, but had passion that it’s hard to think where you saw something that good the last time, Manfred said shortly before the first pitch at Dodger Stadium.

Just really amazing. And best of all, the games on the field have been absolutely unbelievable, compelling. Our players at their best, combined with a little nationalism, has really been a great thing.

Tournament MVP Marcus Stroman tossed six hitless innings, Ian Kinsler slugged a two-run homer, and the United States routed Puerto Rico 8-0 on Wednesday night to win the World Baseball Classic.

Team USA’s Ian Kinsler told ESPN on Wednesday any assumption that he disparaged Latin-American teams for their passionate style of play is off base, saying, Everyone should be celebrated.

Manfred and players’ union head Tony Clark appear to be in complete agreement on the success of the fourth edition of the WBC, which set event attendance records and expanded its television reach as a unique worldwide platform for the game.

Executive vice president Troy Vincent said the plays on the video were catastrophic but numbered very few relative to the 40,000 or so plays that occur every season.
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They’re high-impact plays, Vincent said, and they belong out of the game. When we see them, we are going to have to enforce it and it’s going to be a real point of emphasis forthcoming.

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ACC basketball was a fraud, and now everyone knows it

The 2016-17 Atlantic Coast Conference is not going to be remembered as one of the greatest leagues in the history of college basketball. That preseason question has been answered, and it didn’t even take two weeks of the NCAA tournament for it to happen.

In fact, the ACC is performance over the first week of the Big Dance was so abysmal that it is likely to make everyone — or at least everyone who is sane and not trying to garner attention for work purposes — think twice about making any sort of bold preseason proclamations about conference superiority anytime soon.

The ACC didn’t just lose eight of its nine representatives during the tournament is opening week, it lost them in overwhelmingly embarrassing fashion.

In short, the league would abhor the game if it came out in 2017.

Blitz didn’t just make the game fun by adding chaos. The beauty in the game was its ability to distill teams to their most exciting components. Every lineup depended on just five men — one quarterback, a tailback, a tight end, and two wide receivers. Whoever commanded the biggest playmakers won.

We kicked off the Blitz Bracket last week, pitting 32 NFL franchises against each other in their current forms to determine the league is most exciting team. The first round saw defensively focused playoff teams like the Seahawks and Texans fall to the bracket is lesser half while offense-first juggernauts like the Saints and Packers skated through to the second round.

Athletes do get an excused absence for attending NCAA events

The only silver lining here is that Cincinnati¡¯s spring break was this past week, so they likely won¡¯t have had any class work or projects to deal with first thing in the morning. But if any of these guys have 8 a.m. classes it¡¯s a pretty tough ask for them to be there and awake and attentive. The university¡¯s athletic code of conduct explicitly requires athletes to go to class and many schools have student volunteers go to the classes athletes are in to make sure they¡¯re there.

Authentic Mens Matt Overton Jersey Athletes do get an excused absence for attending NCAA events, but it¡¯s unclear if it would count for the day after the event.

There is a reason that the game is being played Sunday night Eastern Time and it¡¯s because Sunday night is a coveted TV time slot (there¡¯s a reason Sunday Night Football is the highest-rated show on television).

But that wasn¡¯t the only heroic play from the U.S. In the seventh inning when Tyler Clippard was throwing meatballs over the plate, Adam Jones saved what was definitely going to be a Manny Machado home run. He leapt into the air, stuck out his glove, and plucked the thing right out of the air. Clippard raised his arms in celebration and shouted “OH MY GOD,” but Machado¡¯s response was legitimately priceless. After he watched Jones steal his home run, he took off his batting helmet and tipped it to Jones as he ran back to the dugout.

DeAndre Hopkins Authentic Jersey After that passion-filled 6-3 win that sent the Dominican Republic team members back to their respective homes, the stage is set for WBC semifinals. The Netherlands plays Puerto Rico on Monday, and Team USA plays Japan on Tuesday. The winners of those games will play each other in the final on Wednesday. It’s sad to think of the WBC coming to an end so soon. The whole tournament has been better than pretty much everyone expected it would be. But *everyone* is hyped about baseball right now, and isn’t that the whole point?

You can hear O¡¯Neal start to talk about his beliefs at about the 9:30 mark on the podcast.

Tampa Bay lost a pair of close games to open the season and that was just the start of it

There were screams and tears. Multiple people had bumps and bruises. Derrick Walton Jr., it’s been learned, sustained a cut that would require stitches.
Thankfully, no one sustained serious physical injuries.
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¡°Everybody is pretty shook up. There¡¯s only minor injuries,¡± head coach John Beilein told the Detroit Free Press. ¡°The big thing to know is we have no major injuries. We do have some minor injuries, but nothing appears to be major. Everybody¡¯s good. It could have been much worse.”d for noon. The game tipped not much later than that: at 12:28 p.m., not four hours after UM landed.

Not much has gone right for the Bucs this season. Tampa Bay lost a pair of close games to open the season and that was just the start of it. Freeman eventually got demoted, then released amid questions about how head coach Greg Schiano handled the situation. The team has been dealing with MRSA issues and now Martin has a shoulder injury. There isn’t much of a timeline for when Martin will return with some reports saying he could miss the rest of the season.

Mike Glennon took over for Freeman and while the rookie has shown some ability, he’s averaging only 5.6 yards per attempt, the second lowest of any quarterback with a qualified number of attempts. Tampa Bay is last in the NFL in yards and second-to-last in scoring offense.
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Tampa Bay has been better on the defensive side of the ball, ranking seventh in yards allowed and tied for 13th in points allowed per game. The unit has had more issues recently, however, allowing 31 points in each of its last two games.

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CBS will make 2017 NCAA tournament selection show a little less annoying this year

Last year’s NCAA tournament selection show was disastrous.

CBS, which handles the broadcasted tournament bracket reveal every year, drew out the special into a two-hour monstrosity. Revealing a 68-team bracket should only take a few minutes, even if it’s being done by region-by-region. And in the past, CBS has mostly revealed the bracket quickly. Last year, it wasn’t nearly that simple.

Last year’s show started at 5:30 p.m. ET, as will this year’s (CBS, NCAA.com). It took 21 minutes for CBS to start moving through its bracket reveal, then way longer than that to get all the way through the field.

The NCAA has said it is “reducing the number of entities and people who receive the bracket in advance” this year, in hopes of avoiding another leak. That would take the air out of a highly produced, lucrative reveal show that should have many millions of viewers. And if it happened again, no one outside the NCAA and CBS would likely mind.

In the meantime, check out our full NCAA bracket, updating live throughout March Madness. You can find a printable bracket here.

Gastelum gave a taste of what was to come early in the round, when he connected on a big right to the jaw and then dropped Belfort with a huge right hand.

It was to the veteran Belfort’s credit that he somehow managed to get back into the fight after that onslaught. But Gastelum wasn’t fazed. The end came soon thereafter as he landed a big right to the jaw and a precise straight right that brought the fight to an end.

Gastelum’s now had two impressive finishes at middleweight — he beat Tim Kennedy at UFC 205 — since he moved up to 185 following several weight-cut issues at welterweight.2

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